Managing Multiple Social Publishing Platforms

There are many different text based social publishing platforms that businesses can promote themselves on. Medium, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, your own hosted WordPress blog, email lists, and many more that I am either forgetting or have yet to be invented. Each platform offers a unique way to connect with new customers, expand your reach, and establish thought leadership. Small businesses may choose to focus on one platform, and use all of the others to funnel traffic to the platform of choice; i.e. using Twitter to promote a new corporate blog post. But larger businesses with the resources to maintain a presence on every major platform absolutely should; a rising tide lifts all boats equally.

Difficulty can arise when trying to manage multiple platforms; maintaining an active presence by keeping each platform regularly updated, staying relevant and tailoring content for each podium is extremely time consuming.

Simply autoposting the same content to every text based channel with Hootsuite is an easy first step to take to keeping a dozen platforms updated, but copy-pasted content looks disingenuous to followers. Hootsuite and other social media management tools are not updated as quickly as the social media platforms themselves, and any marketer must stay on top of new features added to every platform.

The body of content can remain the same on every platform, but taking the time to tailor a piece of content to each platform, which requires knowledge of the intricacies and quirks of each platform, will pay off. Social media management tools must be configured to respond to comments on every platform as well.

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